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The International Parking Institute (IPI) is the largest and leading association of parking professionals and the parking industry. Founded in 1962, IPI's mission is advancing the parking profession.

Green Garage Certification is the world’s only rating system defining and recognizing sustainable practices in car park management, programming, design and technology. As an industry –driven, field-tested road map for high-performance new and existing parking garages, Green Garage Certification recognizes forward-thinking facilities working today to shape tomorrow’s transportation ecosystem. It is a voluntary, consensus-driven standard promoting an integrated approach enabling parking structure to achieve: increased energy efficiency and performance, reduced environment impact, efficient parking space management, integrated sustainable mobility services and technologies, diversity of mobility options and stronger community relationship.

WE PARK is now proactively conducting self-evaluation of the car parks it currently owns or manages, taking measures issued by the Green Parking Council as its parking structure’s performance guidelines, and is planning to seek Green Garage Certification very soon.

Tim Haahs, a leading engineering and construction services consultant, specializes in the design of parking and mixed-use structures. Tim Haahs has been the recipient of several architecture awards and has been awarded “Best Company” in its industry category.

● Annapolis Town Center Parking Structures                                        ● Alfred L. DuPont Hospital

● 2 Hopkins Plaza Condition Appraisals                                                ● University of Medicine and Dentistry [New Jersey, USA]

● Clayton State University Parking / Security Improvement Designs   ● Mabarak Center Parking Structure [Lahore, Pakistan]

● “The Wave” Mixed-Use Parking Facity