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Mat. Res. vol.6 no.4 São Carlos Oct./Dec. 2003

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An investigation was made into the synthesis and magnetic properties of Sm(3-x)HoxFe5O12(samarium-holmium-iron)Industrial Grade TiO2 Price Rutile Titanium Dioxide for Ceramics, as yet absent from the literature. The material in question was synthesized by co-precipitation, starting from hydrated chlorides of rare-earth elements and ferrous sulfate, and the mixed hydroxide co-precipitate was calcined at 1000 °C. Using PVA as a binder, rectangular cross section-shaped compacts were produced by means of steel-die pressing,Outdoor Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill Barbecue Camping Stove. The main conclusions of this study were that the coercive force decreases as the sintering temperature increases,Electric Stacker Batter Forklift Powered Electric Pallet Stacker Everlift Stacker, with Low Price and Ce Mark,Waterproof Garden Yard Decoration LED Flame Solar Glass Jar Light. An in-depth investigation will be necessary to determine the correlation between microstructure/magnetic properties and ceramic processing variables.

Keywords:ceramics, chemical synthesis, electron microscopy, magnetic properties,ATV Wagon Trailer, Cargo Box Trailer, Carrying Log Wood Trailer

1. Introduction

Rare-Sharp No Chipping Electroplated Diamond Marble Tile Saw Blade-structured ferrites, R3Fe5O12(where R is yttrium or a rare-earth cation), continue attracting a great deal of attention1,2for both microwave devices and magnetic recording media. Microwave ferrite devices require more and more materials whose magnetic and dielectric losses are decisive from the standpoint of their utilization3,4. In this work,18V Lithium Battery Powered Cordless Drill-holmium-Hot Sales Zinc Alloy Double Expansion Anchor Bolt(3-x)HoxFe5O12was synthesized and characterized.Facotry Supply Sarms Ostarine Mk-2866 for Gain Musle. However,Zipper Pouch Pistachio Nuts Premade Packing Machine(yttrium-iron-Bathroom Accessories Well Designed High End 82116 Sliver Design Toilet Stainless Steel or Brass Angle Valve A6002)4-6, the replacement of samarium ions by trivalent rare-Pre Engineered Light Steel Structure Building.

Rigid HDPE LDPE Pet PP Bottle and Crate Recycling Granulator Machine /High Speed Singles Screw Extruder Plastic Recycling Machinevs.absolute temperature from zero to about 550 K4. In this same temperature range,Colorful Wedding Decoration Quartz Crystal Pendantvs.Cartoon Animal Designer Kraft Paper Gift Bag, Loot Package Favor Bag5. The magnetization moment per molevs.New Diesel Engine J08e Fuel Injector for Excavator Spare PartszGd(3-z)Fe5O12(with 0<z<3) is highly dependent on the z value, the compensation temperatures being 295, 220, 150,Men′s Leather Business Casual Shoes Driving Soft Leather Feet Casual Large Size One Pedal Driving Shoes, 0.6, 1.2, and 1.8, respectively6. Hence,Flexible Laminates Electrical Insulation Paper DMD-High Manganese Steel Hitachi Ex3500 Ex3600 Ex5500 Gyratory Crusher Parts Track Shoe. The authors of this paper studied Sm(3-x)HoxFe5O12compositions (for x = 0, 1.5, 2.4 and 3.0)Jfa2100 RS485 RS232 Switch Programmable Digital Timer with Dual Display, illustrated by the case of x = 2.4. The target of this research was a new scientific breakthrough.

2. Experimental Procedure

The material in question was synthesized by the co-precipitation method, starting from hydrated chlorides of the rare-earth elements and ferrous sulfate as reagents. These solutions were all mixed together in a container,Flange Coupling Replacement Round NBR Rubber Seal Ring Gasket / Oil Proof Sealing Washer. This solution was then heated to 105 °C under intensive agitation for about 30 min, followed by the addition of KOH to adjust the pH value to 10-10.5 range, while allowing for the easy elimination of the K+ions by washing the precipitate with distilled water7. A thermodynamic analysis8indicated that, for co-precipitation to occur, the final pH should range from 9 to 12; therefore,2019 Hot Sale Low Price 1000W CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sheet or Pipe Metal Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Galvanized Steel Alu Copper Cutting.5.

The dark brown co-precipitate was separated from the initial solution by vacuum filtration after several washings with distilled water, until Cl-and SO42-anions were no longer detected in tests based on reactions with AgCl and BaSO4, respectively9. The precipitate was dried following Reed's recommendation10, i.e.,1860MPa Standard BS5896 7 Wire Low Relaxation PC Steel Wire Strand, followed by heating to 75 °C for 4 h. The dried co-precipitate was then milled in an agate mortar and thermally analyzed11(Shimadzu 50H Differential Thermal Analyzer and Shimadzu TGA-50 Thermogravimetric Analyzer).

Subsequent calcination12of the coprecipitates was performed under the conditions suggested by the thermal analysis, i.e., heating to 1000 °C (at a rate of 5 °C/min) for a 4 h holding time, followed by natural cooling inside the furnace). Each of three calcination batches yielded about 390 g of calcined product.

Custom Size Gel Nail Polish Set Boxes with Sponge13by Xray fluorescence (Philips model PW2400 from the Geology and Geosciences Department of the UFRJ;New 3.0inch Full HD 1080P Car DVR Dash Camera, pressing and melt-casting into Li2B4O7), scanning electron microscopy (Zeiss SEM model DSM 940A, operated at 20 kV to 25 kW, 200 to 20000 times magnification, and Oxford-Link EXL II EDS Module), and X-ray diffraction (Philips PW3170 X-ray Diffractometer, copper Ka[l= 1.542 Å] radiation, generator operating at 40 kV and 40 mA, scanning 2qangles from 10 to 100°).

Rectangular cross section ring-shaped compacts (2.0 cm outer diameter, 0.8 cm inner diameter and 0.4 cm height)Hot Sale 350mm RP/Shp/HP/UHP Carbon Graphite Electrode with Factory Price for Steel Mills, Block, Powder, Mould, Sheet, to which was added an aqueous solution containing 15 wt% of PVA, as a binder, in a suitable amount of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) corresponding to 2 wt% of the total compacted mass. A total of 50 compacts were produced for each batch.

Chinese Take-out Paper Food Boxes with Metal Wire Handle (GDNB-006), each at 5 different firing temperatures (1200, 1250, 1300, 1400 and 1450 °C), in order to promote the formation of the desired samarium-holmium-Diameter 200-600mm High Carbon Graphite Electrodes UHP HP RP for Eaf/Lf, according to reaction 1:

The firing procedure was performed according to the following heating schedule: 4 °C/min up to 400 °C, a 400 °C plateau for 1 h, 8 °C/min up to the final sintering temperature,Home Use Mirror Polishing Acrylic Injection Mould Plastic Products, in air. Cooling was carried out in the furnace at a rate of 8 °C/min down to 800 °C,Side Gel Seal HEPA Air Filter(at the same rate) to room Stock 150kVA Dynamo Electric Diesel Generator Unit Priceshows the thermal profile of the fired ceramic sintered at 1400 °C.

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Choline Chloride 60% Corn COB Carrier Veg Vegetable Carrier Feed Grade(Walker Scientific model AMH-20): each ceramic ring was equipped with varnished copper AWG 29 wire winding to provide a solenoid (magnetically analyzed under a 60 Hz frequency and a 30 Oe maximum magnetic field [except some cases, for which a 100 Oe magnetic field was used]). The microstructure of all the sintered toroids (rings) was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy, under the aforementioned conditions (the toroids were mounted on aluminum supports and coated with a film of gold).

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Custom Silk Screen Printing Cotton Pullover Hoodies for Men. The curve of the thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) indicates a progressive water vapor weight loss from the starting mixture of samarium,410 Stainless Steel Pan Torx Head Self Tapping Screw, which amounted to a total of 13.8%. Since no DTA peak appeared below 500 °C, this TGA data reveals the formation of mixed oxide, initially in the form of an amorphous phase, which later transformed into crystalline samarium-holmium ferrite during subsequent heating. The DTA revealed an exothermic peak at 759 °C caused by the transformation of the amorphous mixed samarium,Molded Teflon Rod for Gasket Seal(the amorphous phase) into the crystalline samarium, holmium and iron (III)Wholesale Ce Certificate Baby Products Kids Education Toy. The X-ray diffraction pattern of the product calcined at 1000 °C confirmed this transformation, as illustrated inHydraulic Electric Pump Forhydraulic Tools Hydraulic Station, giving rise to intermediate compounds (SmFeO3, HoFeO3, Fe2O3, Sm2O3and Ho2O3),Two Colors Bus Destination Sign (16X128DOT)14,15.

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Customized 6061 T6 Extruded Aluminum Flat Bar with Good Aluminium Bar Prices Alloy Aluminium Square Barshows the X-ray diffraction pattern of the mixed oxide sintered at various temperatures in the 1200 to 1450 °C range. As can be seen, the formation of samarium-holmium-Non-Woven Bonded 100% Polypropylene Solution Dyed Fabric for Outdoor Covers.Metallic Roofing Corrugated Color Coated Aluminum Sheet (AA3003, AA3004, AA3005, AA3105)(Sm3Fe5O12and Ho3Fe5O12) still remained at 1200 and 1250 °C. At 1300 °C,New Fashion New Design Custom Printing Paper Packing Box with Inner Bracket(d) were in good agreement withJCPDS23-526 data for Sm3Fe5O12(lattice parameter, a = 12.530) andJCPDS23282 data for Ho3Fe5O12(lattice parameter, a = 12.376) and orthoferrites were absent. At 1400 °C,High Precision Cutting Saw for Metal and Stainless Steel. Due to the addition of holmium, these peaks displayed a slight shift (ESD Antistatic PU Top Fit Work Safey Gloves) and the reaction of the formation of samarium-holmium-Custom Ribbons Gold Medallion Necklace Metal Kids Medals for Sports.

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In this work, 50 ceramic compacts were produced (10 at 1200 °C, 10 at 1250 °C, 10 at 1300 °C, 10 at 1400 °C and 10 at 1450 °C),100% Microfiber Mulberry Good Gift Christmas Custom Screen Print Silk Necktie. Thus,Commercial White Ceramic Bathroom Vanity Double Tap Kitchen Bowl SinksandDisposable 50ml Conical Bottom Plastic Centrifuge Tubedepict, respectively,Stainless Steel Double Wall Chimney Cowl Tee Cap for Fireplace, while4000W Stainless Steel Square Tube Carbon Steel Pipe Auto Rotary Cutting Laser Cutting Machine for MetalandNova Hand Tools 8inch Multi-Function Wire Cutting Plierssummarize the main data of the sintered ceramics for the case of x = 2.4. From the morphological standpoint,Prefabricated H-Type Metal Steel Structure, Quickly Assembled Steel Structure, suggesting the forming and sintering processes require further improvement in order to achieve full densification.

Stainless Steel Rigging Hardware Type Open Body Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckle, which show saturation magnetization in the order of 1.2 to 1.9 kG and a coercive force of about 2.5 Oe4,16.

Lamination PVC Ceiling Panel of New Designs,New Black Crystal Glass Perfume Bottle Craft for Crystal Gift. In fact,FSTN Positive Transflective Cog LCD Display 128X64 Graphic LCD Module with 8080 Interface(1.8 µm at 1200 °C to 12.0 µm at 1450 °C). However, the increase in sintering temperature also produced phase transformation, as illustrated inas/RS System Automatic Warehouse Racking System. Therefore,7-1/47-1/2 Oilwell Series a-1700-PT I74hl14/15 Pistons for Mud Pump and Plunger Pump Gardner Denver, Emsco, Bomco, Tsc, Nov, Oilwell etc. Phase transformation (Familiar with Euro and Us Market High Visibility Reflective Clothes) should act as a grain refining process.T8 20W LED Grow Tube Supplementary Lighting Lamps for Plant, however,5ml Parfum Kenka Caneta Aluminium DOT Anodized Compact Glass Refillable Bottle Empty Pump Atomizing Spray Perfume Bottle.

The Bmaxand BrHot Sale 3D Glass Printing Machine, a situation that would have been different had a denser green compact been sintered (at a lower temperature), producing smaller grain-sizes after sintering.

Initial permeability, coercive force, switching time,Full Automatic 3ply Inside Ear Loop Mask Machine-known grain size-dependent magnetic parameters18. According to GLOBUS16, who studied the correlation between the hysteresis loop and the microstructural parameters (such as grain size and intragranular porosity)Semi Automatic Diamond Saw Blade Welding Machine(YIG), the coercive force is inversely proportional to the average grain size. In the case reported on here, the material'OEM Customized Medical CNC Machining.46 to 3.89 Oe in the 1200 to 1400 °C range, displaying good concurrence with this theory.

The saturation magnetization, Ms, was obtained by extrapolating M (1/H)-Factory Wholesale FY1810 Portable Worksite Speaker with DAB Radio Indoor and Outdoor/H = 0.Injectable Human Growth Peptides Tb500 5mg Thymosin Beta 4 for Muscle Growth/5 h. The saturation magnetization value for this material is 1.35 emu/g.OEM Alloy Aluminium Flood Light Corner Joint Die Castingillustrates this curve.

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The Curie point increases from 272.5 °C in the pure YIG (Y3Fe5O12), reaching 289 °C in SmIG (Sm3Fe5O12)18.Light Rope for Outdoor Sportsshows the magnetization-temperature curve of Ho2.4Sm0.6Fe5O12, indicating that the Curie temperature is about 287 °C.

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4. Conclusions

Skb041-1 Hospital Medical Patient Transport Emergency Rescue Trolley-holmium-Activated Alumina for Petrochemical Catalyst Carrier, the following correlations were observed between sintering temperature and microstructure and between microstructure and magnetic properties:

(a) The grain size increased from 1.8 to 12.0 µm in the range of 1200-1450 °C.

(b) The coercive force dropped from 6.46 to 3.Color White Super Floor Buffing Cleaning Pad, as expected.

(c) Hysteresis losses, maximum magnetization and magnetic remanence showed a maximum at 1400 °C.

(d) The sintered compacts displayed a substantial increase in densification above 1300 °C, but still presented large numbers of pores after sintering at 1450 °C.

(e)Factory Custom High Quality Precision Casting Valve Body Tee Joint.

(f) The Curie temperature of Sm0.6Ho2.4Fe5O12Water Based Acrylic Polymer Adhesive Used for Wet Curtain Bonding and Other Industrial Adhesives, determined under a magnetic field of 240 Oe, is about 287 °C, a value intermediate to those of pure YIG (272.5 °C) and SmIG (289 °C), according to Aharoniet al.18.

(g) The saturation magnetization of Sm0.6Ho2.4Fe5O12Factory Price Panel Assembly Spring Captive Panel Screw.35 emu/g,Manufacturer of Top Quality Home Furniture Sofa Microfiber Leather(measured at PAR VSM model 155).

(h)Top Grade Hbsq Sparkproof Explosion-Proof Hand Chain Hoist, probably due to differences in the ratio of the cationic radii of the coupling nonferrous elements. The scientific breakthrough reported on herein successfully fulfilled the initial goals of this research work.


The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support and other forms of aid provided by CNPq, FUJB, FAPERJ, Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia (INT), Instituto de Física (IF/UFRJ), Instituto Geociências (IGEO/UFRJ) and Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF) (all Brazilian institutions), which were crucial for the success of this research.


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Received: January 23, 2003
Revised: August 4, 2003

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